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Dc Viva Bio Wash Kelp M  - Bio Wash Kelp - Female
Dc Viva Bio Wash Kelp M - Bio Wash Kelp - Female

DC VIVAHey rider, here's an overview of everything you need to know about the DC VIVA PANTALOON. DC VIVA PANTALOThe VIVA isa WOMAN 'S PANTALOON from DC that rocks. VIVA 15K Waterproofness: Waterproof to a water column of 15,000mm, it has exceptional performance and above-average water resistance.VIVA 10,000gr Breathability: Capable of evaporating 10,000gr of water vapor (sweat) in 24 hours leaving you dry and comfortable during normal physical activity.VIVA Shell Lining: No padding in this garment, usually garments of this type have a breathability far above the norm. Calibrating lunderwear in an adequate way they are the perfect garments to face intensive activity sessions remaining perfectly dry.VIVA Fully taped seams Features: Taped seams prevent a typical problem with waterproof fabrics, namely water seeping through the seams. Fully taped for your comfort.VIVA Jacket Interface Features: Convenient interface for clipping or zipping a jacket and pant of the same brand together, keeping the snow out and the warmth in. Only in case of diarrhea it may be difficult to remove the suit in time.VIVA Adjustable WaistFeatures: Comfortable waist straps make the garment adjustable in width. No more worrying about how many capons you will eat at Christmas.VIVA Snow Gaiter Features: The microfiber snow gaiter protects your boots from unwanted snow intrusion. The silicone edge grips the boot hull to leave the gaiter in place and the elastic adjustment makes it adjustable. Lapalissian. Its list price is £209.99 but only at Fresh Farm can you find it at the biggest discount online and you have the best-price guarantee. If you liked this pant take a look at all the pants similar to the DC VIVA or have a look in the jackets category.Choose your gear and come try it out with Farmily at one of Fresh Farm's snowcamps!!!

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