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K2 Party Platter Birdhouse Tony Hawk Tony Hawk 142  - Tony Hawk - Male
K2 Party Platter Birdhouse Tony Hawk Tony Hawk 142 - Tony Hawk - Male

K2 PARTY PLATTER BIRDHOUSEHey rider, here is a summary of everything you need to know about the K2 PARTY PLATTER BIRDHOUSE. Since last season K2 got us used to fun and precise mines and this year they decided to increase the dose by creating this brand new Party Platter, perfect for fun carves and to go down the slope, to float in the powder and to do tricks in the park (even if it's quite wide). In short, a 360° fun board dedicated to a new riding style. Camber in the middle with rocker zones in the tip and in the tail will make your carves fun and surf oriented, also thanks to the backward bushings so you won't get leg pain. The flex is firm but not excessive and allows you to ride it well without becoming a piece of marble. It's deliberately wider than usual so you can take it shorter (it's geometry my friend, the contact surface is the same even if it has less edge which means it holds the same and is more maneuverable). If you don't want to miss the chance to fuck around in style then the party platter is your board. If you're a pro on the other hand, what a bargain! K2 PARTY PLATTER BIRDHOUSE K2 PARTY PLATTER BIRDHOUSEis a K2 ALL MOUNTAIN BOARDfor MEN: whether it's powder, slope or snowpark, this board will support you in any situation. PARTY PLATTER Directional Comb ination Camber: The combined camber combines the best of both worlds by using a classic central camber zone to give the board the precision and pop it needs, while the rocker zones at the tip and tail make the board forgiving and increase float in powder.The Directional version features a wider rocker zone at the tip for better float.PARTYPLATTER Bap Core: three different species of wood make the Bap Core light, strong and precise.PARTYPLATTER Biaxial Glass Inserts: glass fibers arranged in a biaxial way do not weigh down the board and give it reactivity and pop.PARTYPLATTER Ollie Bar Inserts: the Ollie Bar is not the place where a Japanese guy playing soccer used to go to get drunk, but a carbon insert that runs from tip to tail to immediately transmit every impulse to the board and increase pop to unprecedented levels.PARTY PLATTER Volume Shift Shape: Derived from water sports, the simple principle is to float the surface in contact with the snow. By widening a board, it is possible to shorten it while maintaining the same buoyancy and increasing manoeuvrability to an incredible degree.PARTY PLATTER Sintered 4000 Base: thanks to its high quality PTex the sintered 4000 base is fast and resistant. Its list price is 469,99 euro but only on Fresh Farm you can find it with the biggest online discount and you have the best price guarantee. If you liked this board take a look at all the boards similar to K2 PARTY PLATTER BIRDHOUSE or have a look at the snowboard bindings category.Choose your equipment and come and try it with Farmily at one of the Fresh Farm snowcamps!!!

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